Nutrition Coaching - Fees and Services

  • > Discuss and determine your nutrition goals as well as a plan to achieve them.

    > Share and discuss how to eat in ways that are suited for your body and nutrition needs. 

    > Guide you in developing eating habits that work with your life and do not deprive you of the foods you love.

    > Help you understand cravings, how to control them and what foods trigger certain behaviors.

    > Help you determine what is standing in the way of accomplishing your health goals and ways you can create a successful and consistent system of success.

  • Nutrition Assessment + Foundation Plan

    > Rates start at $50 and up

    > Detailed assessment of current nutrition habits

    > In-depth counseling session to determine the best plan for you

    > Personalized Nutrition Guidance Plan to get you started

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  • Monthly Coaching starting at $3 a day

    > Detailed assessment of current nutrition habits

    > Weekly/Monthly counseling sessions to provide support and guideance

    > In-depth Macro Assessment and plan

    > Personalized shopping plan and support

    > Recipes to keep you on track

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  • Macro Assessment and Plan - $150

    > Help you determine the appropriate protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats for your body and activity level.

    > Guide you in understanding how Macros impact your body and how you can use them to hit your nutrition goals.

    > Provide you with a detailed assessment and plan to begin counting Macros.

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