Hello, I’m Cory—a contemporary coastal abstract artist. I call Charleston, SC home and share it with my daughter and two pups. I work on paper and canvas, using acrylic and mixed media to create geometric, textural pieces. Most of my art is created in a combo dance party + painting session with my daughter, creating my perfect creative world.

It took me over 15 years away from art to realize this dream. After over a decade in a graphic design career, I came back to my passion for painting. Born in Dallas, TX, I grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA and graduated from The College of Charleston with a BA in Studio Art and a MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in Graphic Design. After silencing the painting part of my creative soul for 15 years, I realized I was denying a huge part of who I was. Now, each day I spend painting is a precious gift. My daughter also gets to see first hand my creative process and be a part of that journey and I love it.

“Contemporary,” “coastal” and “abstract.” Those three words come closest to capturing my artistic style. You’ll find modern, geometric formulas in my work, where I explore key composition elements, bringing them forward through color and texture. My techniques draw from my training as a classical artist as well as my experience as a graphic designer. My influences range from Curtis Jeré, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and contemporary masters who inspire me to explore the evolution of the object, place and idea. I describe my artistic journey as ever-evolving, taking a transcendent journey through color, pattern and form.

Recently, I was named to USA Today 10 Best Makers of 2017 list. I also work with West Elm local, Crate and Barrel, the high-end design boutique Mitchell HIll, and Trager Contemporary.

When not painting—or having a paint dance party—much of my free time is spent travelling with my family, exploring culture and the arts everywhere we go. My passion is to bring those experiences and exploration into my life through art and design.