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A Successful Collaboration within the INSTAGRAM Artist Community

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Work by Sallie Bynum Anzelmo

Work by Sallie Bynum Anzelmo

Social media is vast with millions of viewers, participants and platforms. A single Instagram account with 50,000 followers is just a small percentage of consumers and relationships formed through social media. With millions of people actively engaging, every day, there are many types of relationships to be discovered and formed. And while the task of forming those relationships may seem overwhelming, here is a success story.

When I decided to focus on my professional social media presence in October of 2015, I was unsure which platform would bring me the most benefit. I began researching and exploring different options. I instantly fell in love with the community of Instagram. As I began building relationships and forming collaborations I quickly realized the value. I found others like myself, who wanted to support and be supported by others. I also discovered the types of relationships available and the range of support is vast. More importantly I found a community of lady bosses that rivaled anything I had every seen before. While I have forged many wonderful relationships through Instagram, one of the most valuable to me is the Contemporary Artists Coterie.

Work by Cory McBee

Work by Cory McBee

The Coterie was formed to achieve two goals.

  1. Create a platform for each artists to gain exposure.
  2. Form a community and space of collaboration; advice, critiques and support with in the work/life balance.

Social media can be a lonely place. You may have thousands of followers, but how many of those followers are real relationships? Artists not working in a collaborative space can feel isolated. Creatives thrive on community and collaboration. While I value being able to work in my home studio close to my family, it can also be hard and lonely.

At this time, the Coterie consists of 6 female artists from across the south. Here is what each one had to say about their decision to be a part of the Coterie.

Work by Emily Mann

Work by Emily Mann


The Coterie has become more than I ever dreamed. The relationships I have formed have surpassed any expectation. I have found a group of talented women who are like minded and believe in the value and support of the community. We are all so different, but that is what makes it work. I rely on them for support, advice and often just keep me sane.
Work by Maria Driscoll

Work by Maria Driscoll


The Coterie represents what I love about the creative community on social media-genuine connections with people you might have never crossed paths with otherwise. It has been such a joy to get to know each on of the artists participating. I've already learned so much from them all! We are all bringing our own perspectives, styles, and aesthetic to the table to create a group that is both supportive and challenging. I also really love the opportunity to create something new and just explore a bit.

 MARIA DRISCOLL @mariaosoriodriscoll

Finding the girls in the coterie was like a match made in Instagram heaven! It so great to find a tribe that shares your passion, feels your fears, cheers you on and supports you!

SALLIE BYNUM ANZELMO @salliebynumanzelmo

To be part of an all female artist entrepreneur group to collaborate, share our successes, and pursue our passions in a supportive and healthy environment. The Coterie is a wonderful outlet that fosters mutual motivation towards each of the group member's individual professional goals.

Andreina Bates @BYANDREINA

When I started sharing my work through Instagram, I instantly fell in love with the support from other artists, in particular the female artists. I am energized by the way women love, support and cheer each other.  There is really nothing quite like it. We are fierce but gentle.  Having a group you can vent to, bounce ideas of, laugh with and dream about artists retreats (that may or may not include feeding chickens in flowing dresses). I have come to know these artists well during the past few months and know this is right where I am supposed to be.
Work by Andreina Bates

Work by Andreina Bates

Samantha Reuter @sruetercreates

After I left New York and moving to Charleston I had to make new connections, new friends, and new clients. Shortly after relocating, I learned about the Coterie and found a group of women artists that are talented, driven, successful and selfless. During a time of redirection in both my career and personal life, they have supported me, inspired me, and kept my focus on what truly matters; creating and community. I am grateful to be a part of a creative community. Because in this life, so many beautiful things come from working together.

The Contemporary Artists Coterie's first show is on October 27, 2016 through Instagram. Each artists will have three pieces for sale ranging in a variety of prices and sizes. Please make sure to follow the Coterie @contemporaryartistscoterie for updates, to shop and join in on the fun!

Artists of the Coterie: (top row, left to right) Cory McBee, Emily Mann, Maria Driscoll (bottom row, left to right) Sallie Bynum Anzelmo, Andreina Bates, Samantha Reuter